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Big Life Journal

My friend had recommended this journal called Big Life Journal- as a fan of the 5 minute journal myself, I had bought the kid's version for my daughter and she really enjoyed it. This journal; however, is very different and Sasha is now older so she has been writing in it whenever she feels like it. They recommend having a journal buddy but she likes to do it by herself. This journal brings me so much joy; Sasha brought her journal to the kitchen this morning to show me the new filled pages. She started to explain to me how we learn from our mistakes and how our brain grows when we make mistakes. It filled my heart with so much joy to hear all that. The journal had her reflect on times when she bounced back from making a mistake. Sasha has always striven for perfection and her tolerance for imperfection has been quiet low. So hearing her say those words was music to my ears. Not only do I get to read what's going through her head, have deep conversations but I I get to keep this as incredible memories. So grateful for this journal!

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