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Meet Cici

Life coach, mom and motivational speaker


I had been on a quest to find fulfillment for years- until one day I realized it’s not a destination but a journey. This journey of self love, radical self acceptance and joy is my life’s purpose and my greatest honor is to serve women achieve it as well.


After hitting rock bottom years ago I found myself searching for answers. Why was I so miserable and unhappy when on the outside I had it all? A loving and supportive husband, healthy kids, a master’s degree, friends, an abundant life, wealth... what could make me so miserable?


So I searched and dived into personal development, I went deep in it fast, like I do when I am passionate. I went to events, retreats, listened to podcasts and started applying the tools I learned and guess what? They worked, the veil was lifted and I started to feel so much love, joy and happiness but also understand what worked and what didn’t work. I am not going to pretend that it happened overnight because it didn’t, but I implemented new habits and slowly I took control of my own happiness. I started paying attention to my thoughts and how they were affecting my behavior.

Soon I was sharing it with my friends and they noticed transformation too and the desire to keep sharing my new knowledge and passion turned into my life’s purpose of serving others.

I was born and raised in Paris, France and moved to Florida when I was 18 to study for one year. That one year turned into 23! I have a B.A. in International Business from Eckerd College and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. My coaching degree comes from the Co-Active Training Institute- the largest in-person experiential coach training and leadership development in the world. I have also studied conscious parenting with Dr. Shefali and energy healing with Jeffrey Allen.

I met my husband in Florida in 2010 and we have 2 children- motherhood has certainly been the biggest challenge as well as the biggest teacher of my life- I am very passionate about raising conscious beings while raising the inner child within me. I try to look for the lessons in all the beautiful chaos- and remind myself not to take it too seriously! You can almost always find the funny!

In 2019, my husband was laid off and we decided to take this as an opportunity to shake things up and sold everything with the intent to travel for a year. While I love my self-care habits I am not a fan of the daily grind, which was hard to escape with two kids. So we sold our house, moved on our sailboat and a few months later sailed to the Bahamas and then traveled through Europe. After a few months of traveling we realized that it wasn’t for us- we loved most of our time traveling- but needed space from one another and more of a routine. While we were vacationing in France we decided to settle there for one year where we currently reside in Normandie. Raising bilingual children was always important to us and now they are also learning another culture. We are looking for our new home starting in September 2020- maybe Costa Rica- if you have a favorite place I would love to hear it!


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