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3 lessons from rescued kittens as we have to say goodbye?

What to do? We went on this beach vacation a few weeks back on the coast of Kenya and my daughter found 2 kittens crying and hiding under a rock. It was clear that their mother wasn’t around so we started feeding them. A couple of days later we were flying home with them. So we are now proud owners of two kittens and while I knew I was allergic to cats in the past seeing those two fur babies gave me amnesia…unfortunately my body quickly remembered my severe cat allergies and it has gotten worse daily. I can’t really be home anymore and last night felt like someone was rubbing cayenne pepper all around my eyes…Today after meeting with an allergy specialist she strongly suggested that we put them outside or give them up. Quite a conundrum: they cannot be left outside at this age so it seems that the only choice is to give them up.

As cliche as it sounds I wonder what the lessons are in all this.

For one, I haven’t been around the children as much as I hide in my bedroom away from the kittens and kids have appeared more cooperative.

This morning, my 8-year-old took charge of her morning schedule! She actually looked at the list and followed every item on it…this is short of a miracle!

So the first lesson I am learning from our kittens is to take a step back and stop micro-managing. I take full responsibility for enabling or rather co-creating this pattern! What exactly is this pattern you mas ask? It goes like this: I yell orders, I scream reminders and then I complain than nobody is listening to me. Do you know this pattern? It’s the kind of pattern that serves nobody. It’s expected by all and ignored by all…I do it so much that I don’t even hear my own voice. Deep inside it makes me feel like I am acting like a mom because my own mom used to do the same. So am I doing for the kids or for myself? The kids are so used to me telling them what to do that they expect it and just wait for me to shuffle them through life!

I find it impossible to keep my mouth shut in the morning. I find it impossible to keep my mouth shut not just in the morning!

It is great to notice that by removing myself it has given them more independence and a chance to take initiatives. Thank you kittens!

The second lesson is the health benefits. I have found that if I eat carbs or drink wine my allergies worsen. This has really forced me to use a lot of self-control. Interestingly enough I have been practicing intermittent fasting and eating a low carb diet the past two months. I started exercising quite a bit and have really gained muscle and lost fat so I have been feeling great and eating well…until my allergies kicked in and then I wanted carbs. It was like the carb monster had awakened…It said “feed me, feed me, feed me!” The worse I feel and the more I want to eat. I have listened to the monster and felt even worse but it has raised the awareness that I am still using food as comfort. I know it is very common, especially for women to soothe through food but I thought I was over it. What exactly is the need that is trying to be met when we want to eat carbs? I know it will make me feel worse and yet I do it anyway…why? It feels like a tantrum. I want this now and I don’t care about consequences, I want to feel in control and powerful because now it will feel better. Total inner child work. Thanks kittens!

The third lesson is sleep- the more I sleep the stronger my body is to fight. I see a significant improvement in my overall health when I get over 7 hours of sleep. I sleep on average 7 hours- I am part of the 5am morning club and love it! Wake up early, exercise, meditate while it’s nice and quiet at home…except that now I got sucked into a series on Amazon prime that has 6 seasons…I rarely watch series or Netflix but right now I am hooked. I am watching “This is US”, have you seen it? Just don’t start! As a coach I am loving that show, getting to watch the in’s and out’s of this family- their past, present, future and all their interactions and stories. I am totally hooked!!!

Overall, these allergies have shown me that my body and health have to be impeccable right now- clean food, no carbs, no alcohol and good sleep. I am not that disciplined especially when it is imposed upon me. The funny thing is my own allergies are imposing it upon myself…how does that work? My rebellious self still wants to fight it and say no I can eat and do whatever I want…I don’t do well with restrictions.

This is a deep conversation to have between my higher self, my inner child and my ego. Who will be the voice of reason?

Thank you kittens for all the lessons.

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