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Back-To-School Chaos

Welcome back parents!

Getting back into a rhythm after a long summer can be challenging for both parents and students.

Here are 5 hacks to ease into your back-to-school morning routine:

#1. Sleep: Take the time to recharge by getting back into healthy sleep habits.Going to bed at the same time every day will allow for an easier morning routine.

#2. Wake up: Set your alarm a few minutes early so you have time for yourself before waking up the kids. Remember that kids react to our energy, not our words.

#3. Breathe: Before you wake them up take one deep breath and ground yourself.

#4. Breakfast: Allow enough time to sit down and have breakfast as a family even if it’s just 10 minutes- it's a great opportunity to connect.

#5. Engage: Based on their age, pick one question to set an intention for the day. For example: what are you looking forward to today? What are you grateful for? How do you want to feel today? Make sure you also answer the question.

You can do this at breakfast or on the way to school.

I would love to pretend that it will all go smoothly… bags are ready to go, kids are dressed, everyone is sitting nicely at the breakfast table drinking a healthy smoothie with plant-based milk and a shot of wheatgrass, children make their way to brush their teeth and then suddenly a meltdown…your child starts crying about their socks/ shoes/ bag…you look at the time and you have 2 more minutes to get in the car or you will be late…what do you do then??? Find out next week!!!!

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