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I can hear my own thoughts again

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

It's amazing what having more space can do. It felt like we were in a pressure cooker on our little boat and now that we are in a house the valve has been released. The kids are having so much fun playing outside despite the bad weather and we are all enjoying each other again! I am slowly getting back into my spiritual routine though it is more challenging than it used to be. I used to wake up at the crack of dawn and meditate and go to yoga. Not so much anymore, I have found the boating life way too sedentary for me. A lot of sitting around and very little exercise. Now that we have a golf cart we aren't walking at all. The truth is I don't have a lot of discipline either and unless I go to a yoga studio or I put routines in place I will stay home and eat chocolate! I felt that I was completely losing my mind a few days ago and I started watching Dr. Shefali's videos on parenting and every time I watch her I feel more uplifted and hopeful as a mom- I love her unique perspective on parenting.

Today I booked our plane tickets to fly back to Florida next week and we will leave the boat in the Bahamas for a year. We haven't had any luck with the weather but by Friday it should improve so we can enjoy the beautiful waters. We will most likely stay in this house for a couple more days and hop around on the boat for a week, going back to the boat could be challenging but we have an end date. Lenny loves the boat just like his dad and Sasha and I are definitely more into the "comfortable" lifestyle! I am glad we tried it but it was way too small for us! I did love the crossing, the night shifts were magical. One day we will have a 46 foot catamaran all turquoise and white with a private chef for exclusive retreats!

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