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Back to Nature

Updated: Jun 11, 2019


We are now anchored north of Key West close to the 7 mile bridge. We are in the middle of the ocean with only a couple of boats far away. It's absolutely gorgeous, the water, the great breeze and the clear skies. It's quite a culture shock from Key West! Getting here was not all that fun having the wind right in the the head the entire 7 hours of motoring! It was very bouncy but we wanted to get closer so we can cross to the Bahamas tomorrow when the wind turns. I can't stay I enjoyed it very much but it was ok. We all enjoyed the beautiful night sky far away from all the lights and the kids were blown away by all the bright shiny stars! This sailing trip so far has been incredibly humbling and eye opening. On the one hand, the unpredictability of mother nature and on the other the sense of conquering my fears. Despite the big scare I had on our first crossing I still want to go to the Bahamas. I do believe that you should do one thing a day that scares you; the sense of accomplishing something scary is so empowering. When we arrived to Key West and sitting in front of the boat with the kids was a very bonding moment for our family. Also, I do feel a deeper connection to Oliver through this.When I am stressed out he will take care of the kids without me saying anything and vice versa. We try our best to give each other a much needed break when possible. It certainly isn't always easy being with the kids 24/7 but it's worth it. I woke up this morning feeling that we should cross to the Bahamas and grow as a family. So let's see where the growing pain takes us...

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