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Check out my interview with Marcos!

Between the jungle of Costa Rica where Marcos was calling from and the plains of Kenya, our internet connection was not ideal... right before our call Marcos lost power so we didn't know if the call would happen or not.

When we got on, it was a bit sketchy but I felt really good and empowered by the questions, I started opening up about old paradigms of womanhood and how the feminist movement has opened the door to such greatness and yet also sent the message that women can do it all and therefore SHOULD do it all...who knows how and why it went from can to should but there lies a huge issue for women. It's not because we can do it all that we should and I would argue that we shouldn't...why, why, why???? Let's stop recreating this crazy paradigm of women doing it all except finding their purpose. The house, the husband, the kids, the job and while we do all that and out everyone else first we forget who it is we are, deep inside. Life gets so busy that we don't have the time to ask ourselves if this is the life I want and am I doing what fills me up?

So as I was on fire talking about all this, Marcos lost power again and we lost our connection...the second part that you will see was recorded later and truth be told I had lost some momentum but still spoke from the heart. Has this ever happened to you? How did you get momentum back?

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