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Children are just like the wind...

Updated: Jun 11, 2019


Yesterday we finally released the sail and skimmed the ocean at about 6 knots. It was our first time since we left 5 days ago that we could sail; we have motored until now. Our time being limited, as we have to return late June to fly to Europe, we have set our destination to the Bahamas so we are going with or without wind! It's probably not the true sailing lifestyle but it works for me! It is quite humbling to see that what would take 2 hours by car just took us 5 days by boat. By humbling I also mean a little annoying for someone like me who is pretty impatient! Yet I do see the learning in this. The beauty of sailing comes from its rareness, its synchronicity with the wind, the weather, the tides...So many thing should come together for the sails to be filled with air and move a boat. As we were sailing, Sasha looked at the sails and asked how the wind could push such a big boat. I really loved watching her ponder and see the magic in all this. The sound of the engine turning off while the boat glides through the waves is truly magical. My thought while we were sailing and my kids were whining and complaining (wait, what? kids complain and whine?!) was that children are just like the wind, utterly unpredictable!

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