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Do people really like camping?

Full disclosure: I grew up in Paris and camping was never in my plans...until I had children and started thinking it would be the "cool thing" to playing it safe we bought a camper in Florida. We had really fun times driving through Florida and Georgia. In fact it was during our last camping trip as we were driving home that Oliver and I talked about selling everything and living a more minimalist life whether in a camper or sailboat. The family dynamic during that trip was so magical we didn't want it to end. Fast forward two years later and we are now living in Kenya where the roads are so bad that there are no campers only tents...So yep, we bought a tent. It totally supported my adventurous spirit until I slept on the ground and realized that I am more of a chic adventurer.

Here was my experience of our two camping trips in Kenya:

The packing and planning involved in camping is totally nuts...whether you go for 1 night or 1 week you need so much stuff.

Then you sleep on the ground or in our case a deflated air mattress and it's supposed to be fun because you are in nature...

I also spent my days looking for stuff...despite having very little space I was always looking for something. Camping is a lot of work!

After not sleeping the first night on this last trip I was ready to be done with camping but something out if you drink enough and you haven't slept the night before you will sleep really well!

Also, seeing a hippo eating in front of you in the dark is an experience I will never forget...and the birds singing early in the morning, the drizzling rain, making new friends and creating memories as a family...

So do I love camping, absolutely not? Will I do it again? Well, it depends on the wine!!!

PS: Sasha found impala horns and Lenny caught a catfish!

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