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First sailing stop and sick child!

I caught up with the family yesterday, flying in from Atlanta where I was training, they had left Treasure Island and sailed to Longboat key our very first stop. I have to give so much credit to Oliver who sailed alone with 2 kids and a dog, that takes courage! I met them late last night at a marina, probably the only marina of our trip, depending how hot it will get and if we really need power to run the AC then we will consider it. Anyway, waking up this morning to a sunny blue sky and crystal clear waters was a treat. We took a long walk admiring all the yachts surrounding us and went for a swim at the pool. Lenny who just turned four is finally swimming and we spend most of the day between the pool and the beach. Unfortunately, and as expected with kids, Lenny wasn't feeling well all day and even took a nap. He didn't eat and complained about his belly. He started having what looked like bites over his abdomen about 8 of them just popped up and now he has a fever. I am wondering if it is chickenpox but who knows. Kids did pretty well overall, I had gifts for them: a drawing book for Sasha and Lenny got the book of why from national geographic. We ate by the pool and Lenny went right to sleep. The boat is total chaos, mess everywhere, I wonder how we will all survive together in this tiny space. The dog hates being on the boat without us, and today he showed me his teeth when I tried to put him down below. He goes nuts. We hadn't planned on taking him, but had to change our plans at the last minute. Tomorrow we leave towards boca grande. I have to say that when one child is sick it's a lot more quiet, that can be good and bad :)

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