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Here we go again...

Packing, unpacking, repacking, re unpacking over and over...This is one of the many downsides of relocating, adventure seeking and living an intentional lifestyle.

It's also a downside of the pandemic, we certainly would have been better organized in planning our move to Kenya, but that's how it is.

I am back in the packing phase now, just found out that we have to be out of our Airbn'b on June 30th so that leaves us about 2 weeks. Seems like plenty of time except we don't know where we are going and where our stuff is going. To make it just a bit more edgy, we have our container- long awaited container- which by now I have no idea what's in it since it's been over 2 years that we packed it- is arriving next week...OMG no clue where it's going to go but I know we will find a solution!

Packing up is certainly emotional. We arrived in Nairobi in October thinking we would stay 2 weeks at first and here we are 8 months later! We didn't think we would be in this house for so long, we were hoping to receive our container and move into a house to make it ours but with the pandemic it was challenging. I know that it has been tough on the kids, it was tough on me especially at the beginning. I struggled with feeling materialistic for wanting my own "home" and feeling appreciative for what we had. Questions around what is a home? How do I create a homey feeling when you are living with someone else's furniture, books and cutlery...After 8 months it kind of feels like home. After a while you don't pay attention to the furniture or the curtains or the cutlery, it's amazing how we just adjust with time. I do look forward to unpacking our container and the memories that will come with the items coming out of each box...the memories of a past life in Florida that now seems so long ago.

It's a new chapter for us, a new ending and a new beginning...

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