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How do you show up in the kitchen?

Food shopping in Kenya was an adjustment to say the least!

Expats tell me that I am so lucky because the French supermarket Carrefour opened two years ago bringing so much diversity.

I have always loved visiting supermarkets in foreign countries while on vacation but when it's your new home-base it's a different mindset but then again it doesn't have to be!

My biggest upset: the chocolate for sure!!!!

VERY limited selection and very expensive.

My biggest surprise: Bread, you can find really good bread.

Food is expensive here!!!! OMG! $10 for Philadelphia cream cheese guys!

Anything imported is really crazy but produce are very affordable so it changes the cooking and eating habits tremendously.

Snacks here are mostly fruit and veggies, it's a lot easier to eat healthy!

The kids did not like any of my cooking at the beginning! Sasha only wanted baguette in the morning and wouldn't eat any other breads...I found a couple of French bakeries but the baguettes were not up to her standard! Shopping was an adjustment for me but eating was an adjustment for her. She passed on some of her discontent and anger of moving to Kenya through food- she complained and criticized and didn't like any of the food...Try to explain to an 8-year-old after being taken away from her school, friends and horses that since she lived in France now she has to lower her standards when it comes to bread, pastries and chocolate...That's just too much!!!

I have been enjoying cooking in Kenya much more than any other countries- a big part is having a helper so I never have to do much cleaning up. What a difference that makes!

Being in the kitchen used to feel like a chore, I overthought what to cook, who eats what and it had become such a negative experience.

I dreaded it and I felt in constant resistance to cooking...also it never turned out great and my husband being a better cook didn't help!

I was not in the flow to say the least!!!

Here, we receive a huge basket full of vegetables every week from a local farm for about $10 and we never know what will be in there so I get to experiment and eat healthy at the same time.

Guess what? Now my food turns out great. WHY?

- I show up in the kitchen with no expectations what I mean is I am NOT attached to a specific outcome so I am able to let go if it's not perfect. The funny thing is my cooking is way better than it's ever been!

- I show up in the kitchen for the FUN of it: I am enjoying the creative process and being PRESENT.

- I show up in the kitchen with the intent of LOVE: sounds cheesy I know, but connecting to the cooking process in that way can only bring the best tasting food!

So why not show up in the life the same way you show up in the kitchen or vice versa???

About the camel milk, I haven't tried it yet. Have you?

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