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Key West shenanigans

We all had a blast in Key West- playing tourist instead of bar hopping was very exciting. It turns out that my kids are big shoppers, we hit every single store on Duval Street and averaged 4.5 miles of walking every day for 4 days straight. I had forgotten the happy vibes that Key West has to offer; also extremely dog friendly. There are no rules there and you really go with the flow. I rode my bike to yoga every morning and loved all the colorful homes and lush vegetation. Oliver fixed the davits (where the dinghy rests) that had been damaged during our crossing and eventually decided it was time to leave despite the unfavorable wind. The marina where we stayed was right on the harbor where the restaurants are and the local fishermen gave us good tips on where to anchor next. Based on their feedback we decided to skip Bimini where we had orginially planned to stop to clear customs. So we headed up the keys in a protected area for the night.

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