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No more being nice, just be real!!!

I have noticed that as a coach I have learned to hold opposite views and embrace what we call the "both/ and"...meaning to look at both sides of an idea, remove judgement and hold both theories as possible truth.

I have also learned to feel more deeply, connect even more genuinely and hold space for my clients...and I love all of this.

The trap I have fallen into is that by holding that space, and as I was a newer coach, I tried not to ruffle too many feathers because I wanted my clients to feel good...therefore I have been way too nice.

The longing for my clients to feel good meant that I didn't challenge them enough.

Not only did I want my clients to feel good but to be completely honest I also

wanted my clients to LIKE me. Thank you, ego!

By doing so I didn't hold them to the highest standard of their own yes I have work to do.

My whole life I was known for being direct, I mean brutally honest! I was the walking definition of brutal honesty. I took a lot of slack for speaking my mind and rightfully so! What came out of my mouth was not very kind! I didn't have the self-management to keep my mouth shut back then...I still struggle today!

The last 15 years, I started feeling that it was a flaw and felt shame. I didn't want to be the mean girl, and I am glad I have shifted. Except that now I have shifted too much the other way, and this is not me.

I had lost trust in my own voice, I had been so scared to say something mean that I stopped talking...but it stops here.

I know my heart is whole and my intentions are pure, so to my clients I apologize and buckle up! I am committed to providing you with the best coaching possible- because I believe in each and every one of you- and we are raising the bar together to a new level.

It's time to get real and bring in more authenticity, fierce courage and cut the BS- I want to have the courage to show up in my full authenticity and give you permission to do the same....It's ok if you don't like me if that means you are growing and transforming.

Let's get real!

Please share of a time when you decided to embrace a part of you that you had forgotten or had labeled "bad".

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