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Oh the places you'll go!

We spent yesterday morning enjoying the last bit of air conditioning while at the marina, we organized the boat and did laundry before sailing off or should I say motoring! So far we have not sailed once because of course the wind was in the "wrong" direction! Yep that's called sailing! Lenny woke up looking better and hungry which was an improvement from the day before. I am still thinking they have a mild case of chickenpox, his fever came back last night at 101.6 and he has new "bites" on his body, and Sasha has bites too but hey are not itching so who knows.

We left longboat key and made our way to Venice, FL. We stayed in the inter coastal and when we anchored at the inlet we ran aground. So we waited and pushed the boat (just kidding, we were in 7 feet of water!) but we did try to all go on one side but that's the negative when you are ligtweight! Oliver kept pushing the engine in reverse and eventually got unstuck...phew, that was quite an event! It was really hot but the breeze was very pleasant while sailing, once we anchored it was about 6pm and no breeze. Sasha and I jumped into the ocean while we noticed fish flocking all over the place being chased by a large fish. At this time we thought it would be wise to get back on board! That's when we noticed Lenny's fever had spiked to 101.6 and tried to bribe him to take medicine which he thoroughly refused. I had to do what any good french woman would do, use a suppository (totally gross at 4 years old!) and probably just gross to all American women! We enjoyed a really fancy dinner of rice and canned peas (yep, life on a boat!) and watched dolphins and fish swim all around us. It was really magical once the tears from Lenny being sick and Sasha (can't remember why, probably because I was paying more attention to Lenny than her!) had quieted down. At that time we were all ready to sleep but we were just TOO hot to lay down below so we played musical beds where we all moved around the boat from the deck to cockpit to inside until we all found a spot to lay down that was manageable. Eventually we all fell asleep...

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