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Oscar speech

I couldn't be more proud to officially receive the CPCC accreditation by the International Coaching Federation-

While for some coaching may seem like an easy degree to receive I can assure you that it was no easy task.

I actually expected to breeze through it, as I had always been a good student going through undergrad and grad school. I mean I had received an MBA while working full time and I am naturally really good with people...

First, the journey to reevaluate my life after being a stay-at-home mom for 6 years and looking for a deep sense of was exciting, scary and took a lot of deep introspection and looking at shadows of myself I didn't want to face.

Second, signing up and showing up was so intimidating. I was so nervous when I showed up in NYC for the first class- most of them were true New Yorkers, type A with very well established careers and here I was...I felt so much shame that I didn't have a career YET- I thought something was really wrong with me- it took me years to accept and be proud that I got to stay with my kids when they were younger and be grateful.

Third, staying through the course and not quitting was the hardest. I questioned myself so many times. I found it so incredibly hard as it was all very "grey", no clear manual on coaching...Let me tell you it was not clicking for me and I felt so insecure and not good enough... until 3 weeks ago something clicked and it all made sense to me!

So it's not because it's hard that it's not meant for you...I started to wonder if there was so much resistance maybe it wasn't meant for me but somehow even at my lowest I knew I was meant to coach and serve women so I kept going.

So lastly I couldn't have done it without the support of my husband who watched the kids while I traveled to NYC and Atlanta to train- and then throughout certification- while he also provided for us. Thank you to the great crew in Atlanta (especially my dear friend Kris Janovitz​), my coach Alex Verlek​, my supervision coach who really cheered me on Annabel Bourgois​ and my kids who inspired this transformation in me!

I feel like I just won an oscar! If you read this til the end, thank you! Oh I forgot to thank God to make it a more plausible oscar speech! All jokes aside, I am thankful for my new found connection to the Universe...magic is everywhere!

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