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Perception...when I look at this picture a myriad of thoughts come to my mind. First of all, wow this water is amazing and how lucky are we to we have a friend who so generously offered us his house. The second thought is how this sailing trip has turned into something completely different than expected- even the beautiful clear water of the Bahamas is not enough to bring me joy. I have realized I have this incredible capacity of looking forward to the future with rose colored lenses; which has served me well. Yet when the future doesn't meet the expectations it can be hard. This trip has been so far from what we expected- what I pictured us doing every day was jump off the boat and snorkel. It was pretty basic. Also laughing and bonding as a family...Reality has been quite different: kids have been sick on and off with ear infections so no swimming, the small confined space got to all of us, even the dog! So here we are in the Bahamas with no schedule, bad weather ( forgot to mention that!) and a sick child! Going to take the ferry tomorrow to get him to the doctor after 2 days of high fever, not quite the fun Caribbean vacation we had envisioned. I am getting clarity on what I don't want and use it for future travels. I am curious to what the future holds for us this next year. Oddly enough, when talking to Sasha today who has been complaining of being bored said she wanted to live here in the Bahamas and not go back to Florida- after feeling so guilty for not doing enough with her. So clearly my perception has been off...but I am glad!

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