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Rainy days, happy days

And sunny days not so happy days...yes it makes no sense but kids don't make sense either. The general mood here has been pretty low, the small confined space is getting to us. We are all out of patience, even the dog!

We sailed to hope town, a couple of days ago and spent the day there. It's a very special place to us since we got married there but only had time for one day. We will be back in the next few weeks. We had to get to Guana Cay on Friday to meet our old neighbor who lives here. While Hope Town was quite a disaster emotionally speaking, we sailed to Guana with the perfect wind behind us (yes that never happens) and as soon as we moored it started to rain, it was a massive storm that covered all the Abacos. Somehow the storm must have inspired Sasha who grabbed the empty cereal boxes she had been saving and started building a house. She staid busy for hours and we all had fun with it. It was a much needed break for all of us. At 5pm we got in our dinghy and met with Joe, the nicest guy ever, at this point I am going to call him, divine providence, who gave us his golf cart, found us a baby sitter for Saturday night and offered us his house for the next 2 weeks while he is traveling. Of course we said no- just kidding! We will figure it out today when we see him but would love his house for a week as the weather forecast is not very promising. We went to his house last night and the kids were running around and they were so happy for the extra space! Guana Cay is beautiful, it's small and not as touristy as hope town, we met other families and lots of dogs. It feels

like a great fit for our family and it has lifted our spirit!

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