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Sailing off to a new adventure...

5/17/2019 Atlanta, GA

Welcome to my blog! We are a family of five ( 2 kids and a dog) embarking on a new adventure. Sasha is 6 1/2 and Lenny just turned 4. Snoop dog is 18 months. We currently reside in St. Petersburg, FL. On March 15th, we sold our house, our furniture and stored the rest of our stuff. We sold our house with the intention to simplify our lives and finance our trip. We didn't know where it would take us but we knew we wanted to get out of the daily grind: taking kids from one practice to the next, packing lunches, drop off/ pick up, birthday parties, PTA meetings... we wanted to create memories of a lifetime and have fun while doing it! So here we are May 17th and Oliver and the kids are ready to set sail tomorrow while I am in Atlanta for training. On Sunday we will reunite in Longboat Key when I land. Our goal is to sail to the Bahamas for the next 5 weeks. We will sail back to Florida to take the boat out of the water during hurricane season and travel to Europe for the summer to visit family. I was born and raised in Paris and visit my family every summer. This year we are staying 2 months and will visit Spain as well. I will be posting videos and pictures as we travel along.

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