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Survived our first crossing, barely...

Updated: May 31, 2019

I am writing this from a beautiful Key West morning, and memorial day. I used to come to Key West regularly before having kids but never associated family life with Key West. Besides the partying I didn't think Key West had much to offer. I tried to take the kids to the marina pool yesterday and couldn't find one tiny spot inside the swimming pool, it was full of heavy partiers, loud music and beer pong players. It brought me back to my old party days which memories I cherish but do not miss! I had a great day with the kids yesterday exploring Key West, we went to the Fort, the beach, playground, splash pad, mallory square for sunset. It was a really fun day for us while Oliver was recovering from our 24 hour crossing. The day before we had left Fort Myers beach where we had a great time; Sasha especially had made friends there and didn't want to leave. We left around 10:30am not sure if we would sail to Naples or straight to the keys. The wind was great and pushing us rather quickly so we decided to keep going. We didn't anticipate; however, that it would pick up some more. By 8pm it was over 25 knots and the boat was rocking. The kids thought it was hilarious and went to bed around 8pm. From that time until the next day when we arrived at 10am it did not stop. We couldn't turn towards Islamorada where we had originally planned to sail to save some time but kept going south. We were going at 6 knots which is fast for our tiny 33 foot boat. The autopilot stopped working due to the strong winds so Oliver had to steer the entire time; there was no way for me to help him. I was holding on to dear life. I was in complete panic mode: I talked to the stars, talked to my spirit guides, applied pressure points on my head, talking to myself and trying not to cry or puke. I don't think I have ever felt so scared in my life.

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