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What's your story???

I have been asked this question quite a few times recently, I think people in my community are surprised to see the life that I live and how the hell did I end up in Kenya!

So I have told the story on this blog about the how, the nuts and bolts, the technicalities, the logistics and what you can see on the surface.

I haven't told the story behind the story...what's behind all here it goes...

It's a story about manifesting and listening to a deep calling...on paper one might think that this all just happened, yes my husband got a job here but we didn't choose Kenya, Kenya chose us...

For me it started when I went to Costa Rica for the first time, I got a glimpse of what life could look like in a very remote village, at the end of a dirt road with an incredible community of yogis, healers, teachers, surfers and change makers. All who had carefully chosen this little village to build a life for themselves, raise their families and create an epic community. It was kind of like the movie The Beach without the darkness and kid friendly!!! So in the end nothing like it, just the magic you feel at the beginning of the movie when they discover the beach! I had no idea such places really existed. Kids were being raised at the beach surfing, away from tablets, in nature while receiving a great education ( yes somehow there was a great school there too...) This really planted the seed to seek a new way of living for our family...

I became very intentional and very clear on the life I wanted. I visualized nature, the beach, monkeys, a great school, kids playing outside, I would visualize our house, riding a bike to a yoga class and lots of hugging and connecting with incredible people...I visualized it over and over, I would journal about it, when I closed my eyes I would see it and feel it, over and was Costa I am writing this it just hit me that the kids' school now is exactly what I pictured with the stray many of these images have already's crazy!

This burning desire for a new way of living manifested through many events, not always very pleasant and definitely not linear but as an example: my husband was laid off, we sold all our belongings including our house, he had no income for 2 years, I won't go into his mental state during that time and living in my parents' house for a year...there were so many unknowns, breakdowns, arguing and uncertainty about the future but I never gave up on this vision. I practiced one hour visualization exercises that were an hour long for months...I never stopped believing.

So here we are, it turned out it wasn't Costa Rica but Kenya and it also turns out that manifesting is not woo woo but so powerful and real! Happy to share more details if you're interested just reach out!

Part 2 coming up soon on finding this little jewel on the coast of Kenya! Stay tuned!

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