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Meet Cici

Life coach extraordinaire

"I am the bubbles in the champagne that will burst you wide open to all the flavors of life". As a coach my greatest honor is to help you bring back some effervescence into your life. I will teach you the tools to have a fulfilled life so you can share your gifts with the world.


From My Blog

We have embarked on a year long adventure around the world- we sold our house and put our belongings in storage. Our wish is to create magical memories as a family away from the daily stress and distractions. Our first part of this journey is sailing from Treasure Island, FL to the Bahamas. You can follow our adventures on this blog or social media.


"Cici coaches with authentic passion and a deep understanding that the answers lie within each individual she works with. She has an amazing arsenal of tools to help unlock the answers within and finesse for zeroing in on one’s patterns and habits that need to be adjusted for one to live a more fulfilling life. Cici played a major role in helping me move forward rather quickly from what I thought was an impossible situation that was paralyzing me. It was something that could only be shared with someone I knew would be 100% trustworthy. I’m so grateful to have Cici in my corner, even elite athletes have coaches. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey towards growth and greater fulfillment and would absolutely recommend Cici to anyone looking to do the same."

Tammy Hasselhoff

Real estate professional

"Cici is a powerful agent for personal change.  Having worked with her on several occasions, I can attest that she has a rare combination of energy, insight and empathy which she applies with great skill.  I highly recommend her as a coach for identifying and moving past issues getting in the way of living a fulfilling life."

Michael Jenkins

Digital Marketing Founder, CEO

"Cici has a spirited and bubbly personality that instantly makes you want to see the world through a different perspective! She is genuine, intuitive and patient. I appreciate Cece so much - because of her, I have found meditation and a new sense of calm that allows me to deal with the everyday craziness of parenting and work. I highly recommend Cici as a coach - truly life changing!!"

Leslie Graham

VP, HR - United Digestive


Let’s Engage

Phone Number: 727-452-6237  /   Email: cici@thebubblesoflife.com

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